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Looting Is Never Meant To Be

You ever get the feeling the cosmos is working against players who are leveling up and trying to get loot from dungeons. For an example this week I and my wife have been playing alts. She has a Warlock and I…

Characters From Abroad

I wish Blizz would take in consideration of creating playable mob classes. How much freaking fun would it be to run around as a Murloc. They could even have an under water city only reachable by murlocs or ot…

From Hero To Zero, The Death Knight

Death Knights came about as the “Hero” class. I remember when they came out and OMG were they hard to kill. After a few months of getting my main and alts to 80 I decided to start a Death Knight. On…

Down With OPB Already

That’s right I say down with the old paladin bubble. It needs to be changed to be more in-line with other players gimped abilities. Who else can be immune to ALL dmg but in return can still dish out 15k+…

No Mic Sound, No Problem

Anyone ever notice the in-game voice system blows rabbit ears? I mean for fucks sake. If you login for the first time everything is fine but if you leave the group or switch characters your voice system is no…

All Land, No People

Warcraft was the bomb when it first came out. I played beta and realized how much fun it was going to be so I ditched my EQ account that I had played for 5 years and also managed a guild of 300 people.

Land everywh…

Tap And Sap Rogue Arena Macro

I wish they would have never put macros in the game. It dumbs down everything so that even the dumbest person looks like they are leet. I mean you click a button and it does a lot of stuff at once. Yippee……

Gold Farmers Spamming

Spam spam spam is all I see in the trade channel on my server anymore. You would think that Blizz could come up with something a little better than just a “report spam” option. What about puttin…

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