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Brewfest Achievement Tip To Get It Done Quicker

Here is my one tip for this years Brewfest Achievement. There are 2 achievements under Brewmaster that’s going to take the most time. Those 2 are Disturbing the Peace and Brew of the Month.

Now combi…

What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been Indeed

With all the brewfest bugs, or should we just go ahead and call it bugfest, I managed this week to finally complete my seasonal Brewmaster Achievement which for me ends the long and dedicated questing for t…

Alliance Guide To 50 Mounts For Achievement

This is a short guide I wrote to help players get the 50 mount achievement and rare flying bonus mount. If someone wants to write a horde version I will be happy to post it.

Ironforge Reputation: Rams are purc…

So You Want To Level A Warrior

Recently as I have mentioned in previous posts I’ve started a warrior. At forty I went dual spec so that I could play with the fury line and basically because I think it’s cool to have 2 2 handed w…

Gatherer Add-on Helps Pay The Bills

This weeks add-on spotlight is Gatherer. I have never used an add-on for farming materials such as herbs or ore but today I thought to myself, self I am tired of wandering around in circles looking for Titan…

Will Faction Changing Hurt Warcraft

I’ve been reading a lot of rants on the web lately in regards to the new service offered by Blizzard to allow characters the ability to transfer factions. I have to say I think this was a very bad move si…

Brewfest Bugged

A lot of people are reporting brewfest bugged. At the start of brewfest I did all the quests with no problem except the Dark Iron invasion quest. It’s just not possible to target or hit them. The best w…

Battleground Leveling And Player Levels

With the most recent patch players can now level up in battlegrounds. While I like the idea of this I don’t think it was thought through entirely. For example in Altrec Valley you will see a range of pl…

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