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No Love

I'm sorry but playing a gd hunter blows when your stunned and can't do anything about it.

Let's SEE...
Rogues - Shadow step to us, stun, vanish, stun = dead
Druids - Charge and warp/pounce wtf ever that new spell is then turn to a bear or stun and mass crit.
Mages - blink and can blink while stunned, slowed.
Warlocks - fear, ae fear, death coil fear, felguard stun
Pallys - stun and then run up, or run away and bubble/heal and then starts all over.
Warriors - Charge and stun

Hunters - .... well MS hunter can't stun anymore with concussive shot, scatter shot was moved and the only way to avoid being stunned or feared to death is to play a BM.

Posted 4 days ago

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