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Blizzard has no interest in making hunters a viable PvP class.

Blizzards quote on this:
False. You can interpret out actions however you want, or you can say we don't know what we're doing. But this is a case where I do know the intent while some of you are just guessing. We have 10 classes and 30 specs (and that assumes a talent tab = a spec, which is a gross oversimplification). We could make the game a lot simpler to balance by making classes less unique, but we're stubborn that way. The downside is we are left with a very, very complicated multivariate equation to solve.

While I can understand that there is a lot going on I am more and more disliking my Hunter that I've played since beta.

Take into consideration that you're a MM hunter. How do you stop an Incoming warrior that's hitting his Intercept spell? You can't. Sure you can freeze him and he can trinket. Sure you can then hit Readiness and re-trap them but after that your only option is to run away because once that trap breaks or you fire the first arrow they've used Intercept again and this time you're going no where.

How about in PVP? What do you do when 2 people are charging you. Nothing.

Why was the stun ability on Concussion shot removed? We have no way of stopping someone compared to a Warlock Fearing, Pally stunning, Warrior charging/intercept/fear/snare x2, Mage sheeping or freezing, Priest fearing or stunning with blackout, Rog stun or sap, druids rooting, Shamans get that knockback, Snare totems and frost show.

Hunters can freeze trap and concussion shot but when both are off there's a gap and if we get snared or charged it's over people and there is plenty of ways for the enemy to get to us. Warriors intercept, mages blink, druids can pounce and etc.

Why do you think there is ALMOST no hunters in the top ranked Arena teams?

Posted 2 weeks ago

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