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Pick Pocket Rogue Macro

OK this is a MUST have macro for any real rogue that does pick pocketing. What this is best used for is finding lots of gold, runic heal pots and reinforced junk boxes. Basically this macro will target the nearest mob, pick pocket it and with each click it moves on to the next mob.
I [...]

Cold Blood + Eviscreate Rogue Macro

Here is a simple macro for Cold Blood and Eviscerate that will function as one button. I use to use this but since I upgraded to a new Logitech Laser Mouse with the side to side functions built in to the scroll wheel, I no longer use it.
/cast Cold Blood
/cast Eviscerate

Tap And Sap Rogue Arena Macro

I wish they would have never put macros in the game. It dumbs down everything so that even the dumbest person looks like they are leet. I mean you click a button and it does a lot of stuff at once. Yippee…
Are you not capable of thinking that fast? Oh well if you can’t beat [...]

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