1. Spammable Mind Flay

    #showtooltip Mind Flay /cast Mind Flay This macro helps you from prematurely restarting Mind Flay and wasting mana. It will recast Mind Flay once it’s ran the duration. Incoming search terms:mind flay macromind flay macro 4 3spammable mind flayspammable mind flay macronochanneling mind flaymindflay macromind flay no channeling...
  2. Bloodrage Plus Beserker

    #showtooltip Berserker Rage /cast Bloodrage /cast Berserker Rage Incoming search terms:warrior macrosshattering throw macroarms warrior macroswow bloodrage 4 3protection warrior tanking macros4 3Published News Upcoming News Submit a New Story Groups free recipeknight warrior macrobloodrage macroswarrior macros berserker rage bloodragewarroir macros com
  3. Single Button for Cast and Use Warlock Teleport

    #showtooltip Demonic Circle: Teleport /cast Demonic Circle: Summon; Demonic Circle: Teleport; This allows you to have a single button for Teleport spells. Holding Ctr will create the portal and clicking the button again will port you. Incoming search terms:warlock teleport macrowarlock portal macrowarlock macroswarlock macros 4 3wow warlock...