1. Summon Shadowfiend And Attack

    /cast Shadowfiend /petattack Very simple macro to summon your Shadowfiend and attack your current target Incoming search terms:shadowfiend macro 4 3priest macros 4 3shadowfiend macroPublished News Upcoming News Submit a New Story Groups saltwaterish aquariumPublished News Upcoming News Submit a New Story Groups beauty supplyPublished News Upcoming News Submit...
  2. Spammable Mind Flay

    #showtooltip Mind Flay /cast Mind Flay This macro helps you from prematurely restarting Mind Flay and wasting mana. It will recast Mind Flay once it’s ran the duration. Incoming search terms:mind flay macromind flay macro 4 3spammable mind flayspammable mind flay macronochanneling mind flaymindflay macromind flay no channeling...