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March 11th 2010 Site Update

As many of you can see I have started working on the site more. I am updating all the images for past articles along with actively seeking more gamers to submit rants, discussions or news to help fill in some g…

WoW Authenticator Vulnerable

It was only a matter of time before it happened. Just like I tell all my clients when working on specialized projects, “If it’s made by a human it can be broke by a human”, and thus the Auth…

Blizzard Opens Pet Store

Blizzard has found another way to earn even more money from it’s die hard fan base, by opening a pet store which allows you to purchase pets which can not be obtained in game through quests or events. C…

Race Changes Now Available

Blizzard has released the race change feature which I think is a great idea. Much better than the faction changing feature. Here are some of the details regarding the race change feature.

Things to know be Penguin Pet For Warcraft Players

Last week Blizzard announced that all Warcraft Players will be required to setup a account and merge their Warcraft account over. Here’s a snip from their post.

In preparation for the l

Brewfest Achievement Tip To Get It Done Quicker

Here is my one tip for this years Brewfest Achievement. There are 2 achievements under Brewmaster that’s going to take the most time. Those 2 are Disturbing the Peace and Brew of the Month.

Now combi…

What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been Indeed

With all the brewfest bugs, or should we just go ahead and call it bugfest, I managed this week to finally complete my seasonal Brewmaster Achievement which for me ends the long and dedicated questing for t…

Brewfest Bugged

A lot of people are reporting brewfest bugged. At the start of brewfest I did all the quests with no problem except the Dark Iron invasion quest. It’s just not possible to target or hit them. The best w…

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