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New Forums Launched At

Well it was a work in progress but I figured what the hell let the fun begin. The forums are up and I’m still looking for suggestions on categories.
Please use the suggestion forum up top if you happen to think of a category that’s missing. There may be a few minor bugs to work out [...]

Altaholic, It’s What Everyone Needs

I figured it was time to talk about Add-ons and my first one is going to be Altaholic which can be found at your favorite download site such as or etc. What is Altaholic you ask? Well I’m glad you did. Basically it is a gamers dream who has alts and multiple characters.
Here is [...]

So You Want To Make Some Gold In Warcraft

Being that I have a lot of level 80 characters I thought I would share some money making tips. While these suggestions worked best for me per characters it’s up to you to decide what paths to take. Take note that I try to use professions that’s also going to make sense for the character [...]

My Questions On Removal of AP, SP & More

This post comes from a confused reader in regards to my previous post where I mentioned the that Attack Power, Spell Power, Defense, Armor Penetration and Block Value are going away.
Here is my beef and call me stupid but I’m still confused as are many people. For example this quote says:
“Spell Power is gone. It [...]

Ulduar MP3 Now Available For Download

While reading Summergales blog I forgot to mention that she linked the download for the AWSOME song from the music video “Ulduar” which is topping the charts as I type this.
You can download the song in MP3 format here which seems to be hosted by Cranius. Hope he can afford the bandwidth this is going [...]

Big Blue Dress Album Released

Cranius has released his album Big Blue Dress which can be purchased at (from the link above) for only $4.95. It features songs inspired by World of Warcraft. These songs have been featured in some of the most viewed Warcraft videos on the net and with good reason… THEY ROCK.
The songs listed on [...]

Warcraft Servers Still Down

So it’s like 6pm EST and my server along with a lot others is STILL DOWN. All I want to do is kill things
I wonder what major fix they had to do? I know the server went off-line at 2pm EST and that’s 16 hours of down time so far.

Skoll Rare 80 Hunter BM Pet

I get asked all the time where I got my pet so I figured I would post a little info. Basically this pet is new with patch 3.2 and is only obtainable by BM. It has the same skill set as a the other Spirit Beasts which is Prowl and Spirit Strike.
You can find this [...]

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