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Dieing In The Ironforge Tram Means A Hike For You

Take some advice from an experienced user. Do NOT die in the tram when you are in Ironforge. Basically Blizzard thought it would be fun and again benefit the horde by forcing to res in Elwynn Forest which is o…

Spirit Tap Bug Or Miswording

I started a priest a few days ago and I really enjoy playing him but I ran in to a small discrepancy with one of my first talents. I went down the shadow line in order to help level faster and the first talent I pic…

No Mic Sound, No Problem

Anyone ever notice the in-game voice system blows rabbit ears? I mean for fucks sake. If you login for the first time everything is fine but if you leave the group or switch characters your voice system is no…

Pet Bug In The Ring Of Valor

One of my many classes is none other than a Hunter, not a huntard which is a whole other rant I’ll be writing about later. Anyways there’s a bug in The Ring of Valor that causes pets to just stand o…

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