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Hunters With Focus

So as many of you know by now in the up coming expansion hunters no longer need mana which I think is great. Instead of mana we get focus which I am a little concerned about for the simple fact that steady shot in…

Spirit Tap Bug Or Miswording

I started a priest a few days ago and I really enjoy playing him but I ran in to a small discrepancy with one of my first talents. I went down the shadow line in order to help level faster and the first talent I pic…

When I Grow Up I Want To Be An Ice Mage

OMG.. O M F G could they be any more over powered.

  • You touch them and they freeze you thanks to Frostbite
  • You trinket out and touch them again they freeze you. Frostbite again.
  • Freeze wears off and they Frost N

From Hero To Zero, The Death Knight

Death Knights came about as the “Hero” class. I remember when they came out and OMG were they hard to kill. After a few months of getting my main and alts to 80 I decided to start a Death Knight. On…

Down With OPB Already

That’s right I say down with the old paladin bubble. It needs to be changed to be more in-line with other players gimped abilities. Who else can be immune to ALL dmg but in return can still dish out 15k+…

Destro Warlocks And Those Awesome 14k+ Nukes

Let’s QQ for a minute on destruction warlocks. Really now how do you combat stun, fear, charm (pet) and 14k+ crits? I don’t know about you but as an example my rogue has 18k in full hateful, I kno…

17,546 Burst Dmg Isn’t Fun When You’re On The Receiving End

Let’s count the ways that this is bullshit. A Paladin stuns you as they run up and click you’re now dead. It happens THAT fast. As the screen shot shows, and it’s not even the highest burs…

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