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Limited Number Of Vote Kicks In Dungeon System Means Fail

Blizzard did a great job implementing the dungeon system and how it functions but one thing they failed on was the Vote Kick system.

Take for example that I finally get into a dungeon and about half way throu…

Will Faction Changing Hurt Warcraft

I’ve been reading a lot of rants on the web lately in regards to the new service offered by Blizzard to allow characters the ability to transfer factions. I have to say I think this was a very bad move si…

Goblin Vs Worgen Racials

Worgen Racials:

  1. Two Forms, instant, 1.5 sec cooldown, Turn into your currently inactive form.
  2. Darkflight, instant, 3 min cooldown, activates your true form increasing movement speed by 70% for 10 sec
  3. V

Attack Power Going Away As A Primary Stat

I never really did understand the logic behind stacking up 2 stats which in return equals the same thing. I’m talking attack power here and for example if you are a rogue then your focus is on Agility /…

Auction House or A Market Place

OK stay with me on this one. I hate the fact that when you are at the auction house and you make a purchase it gets mailed to you. I can not tell you how many times I have purchased ore, ran all the way to the anvil, o…

Looting Is Never Meant To Be

You ever get the feeling the cosmos is working against players who are leveling up and trying to get loot from dungeons. For an example this week I and my wife have been playing alts. She has a Warlock and I…

Characters From Abroad

I wish Blizz would take in consideration of creating playable mob classes. How much freaking fun would it be to run around as a Murloc. They could even have an under water city only reachable by murlocs or ot…

All Land, No People

Warcraft was the bomb when it first came out. I played beta and realized how much fun it was going to be so I ditched my EQ account that I had played for 5 years and also managed a guild of 300 people.

Land everywh…

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