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Battleground Leveling And Player Levels

With the most recent patch players can now level up in battlegrounds. While I like the idea of this I don’t think it was thought through entirely. For example in Altrec Valley you will see a range of pl…

When Is Corpse Camping OK

ALL THE TIME. I can’t stress this enough on PVP servers. I figured I would humor our readers with last night happenings and how much fun it was.

So this story begins in Stranglethorn Vale (imagine tha…

Hordes Access To Alliance Leaders

Is it just me or does the Horde have it made? Yes I play a Alliance but I mean damn come on people.

First of all they can have a warlock and another engineer portal to Gnomergen and summon everyone else. Allianc…

Pet Bug In The Ring Of Valor

One of my many classes is none other than a Hunter, not a huntard which is a whole other rant I’ll be writing about later. Anyways there’s a bug in The Ring of Valor that causes pets to just stand o…

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