Gatherer Add-on Helps Pay The Bills

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This weeks add-on spotlight is Gatherer. I have never used an add-on for farming materials such as herbs or ore but today I thought to myself, self I am tired of wandering around in circles looking for Titanium and Saronite mines.

Thus I present Gatherer which is a very well written add-on that shows you every where a mine is, if a titanium mine has been there and what was looted from the mine at that exact location. It even has a nice HUD that shows you paths to all the ore and where you’ve beenn by highlighting the path each time you move.

The best part about it is you can share your findings with other people that have the same add-on and they can share with you just by grouping, being in a raid group with other people and etc.

There are too many options to even try to explain. But out of the box it works great. You can download Gatherer at your favorite download site. I downloaded mine at Just search add-ons for Gatherer.


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