Skoll Rare 80 Hunter BM Pet

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I get asked all the time where I got my pet so I figured I would post a little info. Basically this pet is new with patch 3.2 and is only obtainable by BM. It has the same skill set as a the other Spirit Beasts which is Prowl and Spirit Strike.

You can find this pet at the locations listed below.

Don’t think that you’re going to just run out and grab it. Be ready for some disappointment due to the face that Storm Peaks is one of the most camped zones due to the Time-Lost Proto Drake that drops a mount. How did I get mine? Pure luck. I ported to the zone with my Worm-hole Generator and made a quick fly over the above locations. I run _NPCscan which goes off when it detects a rare in the area. At the last spot which was near Brunnhildar Village I just happened to look back and there he stood which was a shock to me because my scanner NEVER went off. I checked quickly to make sure he wasn’t cached and that I entered the correct ID. Everything was good but for what ever reason is just never went off. Anyways I tamed him real fast and went on my way. I notified all the other hunters in the zone out of kindness so they wouldn’t have to fly around all day disappointed.

EDIT: I wanted to note that the spot near Brunnhildar Village has a metal disk on the group just north of the village near the ledge. If you find the metal disk you have found his spawn point for that area.

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  1. Drexler says:

    Just an update. I’ve killed him several times since and the last two times have been on the west side of the zone which is marked on the map above (left).

    The upper west (left) side he was walking right by the cave and on the lower spawn point he was close to the split but a little near the inner mountain.

    He dropped a Caster Dagger and the bag of course.


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