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We might as well start the forums off right.

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Profession Rants

Could that take any more mats to make?

Class Rants

Did that Paladin just take down that entire group?

PVP Rants

Well I see we are losing AV again.

Arena Rants

I can't kill you when you hide behind that pole the whole time.

Bug Rants

What am I doing under Stormwind?

Ask Other Players
Have questions? Ask away to other gamers.

Forums Topics Posts

Death Knight Questions

Unholy? Or maybe you have questions about making a DK Tank?

Druid Questions

Should I be a tree or bear? What about lifebloom?

Hunter Questions

Where do I find Skoll at? Which spec is better for raiding?

1 1

Mage Questions

Ice mage or Fire? Is Pyroblast still worth getting?

Paladin Questions

When to bubble? Ret Pally or Prot?

Priest Questions

Why is it my fault we wiped? Should I heal or dps?

Rogue Questions

Combat or Assisnation? Improved Stealth?

Shaman Questions

DPS or Healing? Should I bother using Totems?

Warlock Questions

Why am I so badass? Who else can crit for 15k?

Warrior Questions

How to get out of snares? Why should I tank wehn DKs are better?

Arena Questions

Why do I suck so much? How does everyone have high ratings and no teams?

PVP Questions

Why is no one in Isle of Conquest? What can I buy with 99 WSG tokens?

Questing Questions

Why does this quest not work? Where should I be leveling at?

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