How To Complete Tamin The World Achievement

| June 7, 2013 | 0 Comments

So if you’re like me you have 39/40 complete with only that single pet tamer left to get yourself a pimp safari hat with 10% pet battle exp on it. Well here is a simple fix.

  1. Create a character (or log in to one) of the opposites faction.
  2. Go to the main city with the pet tamer.
  3. Accept the first quest they give you. (you can do this at level 1)
  4. Log back on to the character trying to finish the achievement.
  5. Now fly to where ever the quest you picked up tells you to and defeat number 40!

The quest still shows up once you log back in to the opposite faction.

As an example I created an ORC and went to Orgrimmar by finding the nearest flight path, which was free, and flying there. Once I landed the Tamer NPC was just behind the flight path. I picked up the quest and logged back in to my Alliance character. The quest showed up and I flew to Durotar. Defeated the Pet Tamer and completed the Achievement. Once I hearthed back to town the hat was in my mail box.

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