Ankha Spirit Beast, Two Down Eight To Go


Day two and here we go! While heading to do dailies I spotted Ankha the Spirit Beast in Mount Hyjal walking around. I had read that this pets attack is based off your armor rating so I was prepared with a “Get Nekkid” macro which is basically me with no clothes on… Anyway I get nekkid chase Ankha down and start to cast my tame beast when all of a sudden everything phases out… I’m still not 100% what happened but I couldn’t even mount! Needless to say my true dwarven language came out. After a couple minutes everything phased back in but to my suprise I’m standing in the middle of 4 mobs who decide to attack a nekkid dwarf!

Long story short I relocated Ankha hit the tame beast and I am now this awesome spirit beasts master.



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