Ban’thalos Spirit Beast, One Down Nine To Go

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As some of you may know we my wife and I started playing Warcraft again. Before we started I read up on some changes and noticed there were ten new hunter pets to get. Sadly I don’t think I have room for all ten but we will see what happens.

Starting off I found Ban’thalos in Mount Hyjal flying over the Sanctuary of Malorne while doing dailies. He does fly out of combat range so you’re going to need some ingenuity or in my case engineering. Thankfully I have the ability to add a parachute to my cloak and this time it paid off. Others claim you can stand on top of some tree near him then fly up, dismount and tag him, then land on the tree. I however did not find such a tree to hold my dwarfness.

I was getting ready to dismount, tag him and safely fall to the ground when I realized that my cape no longer had a parachute attached as I had just upgraded. I had to log on an alt, get some frostweave, mail it to my hunter, use my portable mail box and then use Jeeves to get the rest of the components I needed to engineer my flexweave underlay. I get ALL that done and Ban’thalos is still flying high to my thankfulness.

I’ll go ahead and let you know that this is one mean bird. I did nothing different for taming him but I can say it was a close tame. His moonfire hit me 3 times for 30k+ and then his melee was around 4k+. Once tagged I dropped a freeze trap, which lasted maybe 3 seconds, and proceeded to tame the spirit beast. I am very happy to have a new pet to my collection and he is a beautiful bird.

Good luck and if you have any better information feel free to share!




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