Brawler’s Guild From A Hunters View

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While this is no guide I do hope other hunters post tips or ask questions. I have made it to Rank 7 so far and as must individuals the GG crew has my number. I’ve only tried them twice now.

Previous battles were for the most part easy with the exception of these.

Ixx – (in rank 3) This mob gave me trouble with reaction time. In theory the fight is simple, when you’re paying attention. I did not for the first couple tries. In the end I strafed around in a circle which thankfully kept me clear of his cone damage ability. This is the first mob that managed to kill me.

Deeken – (in rank 4) A fun little fight in my opinion but you do have to move a lot. One tip that’s working as of this post is to jump over the bubbles. I however maneuvered around them while kiting. In total I think I died 2 times during this phase. Bottom line is to watch around you and move accordingly. I kept my pets growl off so he wouldn’t up and die on me.

Millie Watt – (in rank 5) A trival encounter if you pay attention to what he’s casting and when he casts it. Basically all you want to do is burst DPS and wait till he casts Megafantastic Discombobumorphanator ability. It turns you into a chicken and then you die. Someone somewhere mentioned PVP trinkets worked but I never tested it. Instead you simply jump into the lightning pools when he casts that ability . If you make it to a pool before being turned into a chicken then the spell will wear off from the damage by the pool. I died twice to him before figuring it out.

Leper Gnome Quintet – (in rank 6) This battle consist of FIVE (5) gnomes. For some reason everyone keeps saying there are 4 and 1 comes back to life during the fight. This is FALSE! You fight 5 gnomes each with around 1.7 million HP. I died for almost 2 days on this fight. In the end I accepted that fact that it’s probably a gear check fight. I went out and upgraded a few pieces of gear to help me push through the moving DPS. You have to move at all times to keep them from hitting you because of the nasty dot that stacks on each hit. I was highly ticked off during this fight. I finally managed to kill them all as time ran out, the fire (enrage) killed me AFTER I KILLED THE LAST ONE but it made me do the fight over again! The next time I won with only seconds to spare. My tips are to use a DPS pet, Binding Shot, Exhilaration, and Ice Trap is a must. I also use the glyph Black Ice. Good Luck!

YikkanIzu – (in rank 6) This bird gets pissed off pretty easy and enrages when I believe 5 birds are killed to fast. I tried to burst through the fight but because of the shear number of birds, 4 every 8 seconds that hit for 11k to 12k  a hit, I could only get him down to 300kish each time. In the end I slowed dwon and just killed the birds in waves a couple times with Glaive Toss and Multi-shot. Towards the end I just burst DPS him the rest of the way down. I died 4 times due to trying to out DPS vs damage taken.

GG Engineering – (in rank 7) This is where I am currently stuck!

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