Ghostcrawler The Spirit Beast

| August 16, 2011 | 4 Comments


So shortly after I wrote the quick article on where to find Sambas I logged into the Abyssal Depths and right on top of Ghostcrawler! I think my heart skipped 12 beats while I dismissed my current pet. I had read that this Spirit Beast hits hard and I started to get a little worried when he decided to come say Hi before I was ready.

Ghostcrawler hits for around 5k and quick with his special move called Nerfbat. I did how ever enjoy taming this little beast. I had done some research prior to taming him but no one really talked about where he could be found, if it was a static spawn point or random at any place. Wowhead only showed Ghostcrawler armor items and so I gave up and ventured off to find him myself. I have included my exact location of where I found him but from some recent discussions he DOES spawn elsewhere. Please feel free to comment if you have locations so that other hunters can enjoy this pet too!

Ghostcrawler Nerfbat

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  1. leighton says:

    i have been trying to find it for 3 days now, not seen it once, i have scouted the whole of Vash’jir eqaully but no luck. Anyone know the most common respawn place? Thanks, bye!

  2. Tiney Nordrassil says:

    Thx for info. Just tamed Ghostcrawler on same spot more or less. It’s seams he spawn only there under L’ghorek. Only problem was when my NPC addon found him i target him but he puf disappeared and i couldnt found him anymore, then i found him after 1h and same thing happened but this time i found him after 5 sec 100yd away. Eh for all of you using NPC addon Name: Ghostcrawler ID: 50051, don’t enter zone leave it blanked. I hope i helped.

  3. Mark Radio Godwin says:

    I went to that same location last night (Feb 2) with my 83 hunter just to see if I could find him. Sure enough he was there. Let me add that he is a level 85. The reason I’m stating this, is because I thought that since he was in a 80-82 area, I thought he would be a 81-82 level rare, but he’s an 85. So I have to wait till 85 to tame him. I engaged him since I was there to see if I could kill him and it seemed like I was doing no damage to him at level 83, but he was hitting my pet like a truck. Just like stated in this article, the crab then burrowed and disappeared and combat was ended. But I found him again a few minutes later. So he stays in the general area. You just have to act quick with the trap to tame him, or you will be waiting a few minutes to find him again. I collect spirit beast, and I can’t wait to add this one to my collection. I have all 4 from WOTLK, I want this one and the one in Twilight Highlands now. I just need to get to 85! Happy Hunting!

  4. Ashleemarie says:

    This crab took me a day to find, There was an ally hunter inthe zone so i had to force him to fade away fast, when the ally past i found him a minute later a few feet from me. Trust me, it wasnt easy to hide a crab from an ally. but it worked. I pressed tame mister Ghosty was mine! Happy hunting!


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