Saturday, 18 December 2010 22:54
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Ghostcrawler The Spirit Beast

So shortly after I wrote the quick article on where to find Sambas I logged into the Abyssal Depths and right on top of Ghostcrawler! I think my heart skipped 12 beats while I dismissed my current pet. I had read that this Spirit Beast hits hard and I started to get a little worried when he decided to come say Hi before I was ready.

Ghostcrawler his for around 5k and quick with his special move called Nerfbat. I did how ever enjoy taming this little beast. I had done some research prior to taming him but no one really talked about where he could be found, if it was a static spawn point or random at any place. Wowhead only showed Ghostcrawler armor items and so I gave up and ventured off to find him myself. I have included my exact location of where I found him but from some recent discussions he DOES spawn elsewhere. Please feel free to comment if you have locations so that other hunters can enjoy this pet too!

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