How To Tame Spirt Of The North Beast

| November 29, 2012 | 0 Comments

After a long day of PVP I decided to see what new skins were available and also pets. The Spirit of the North caught my eye and off I went. I located the spawn in Coldarra (Borean Tundra) just south of the center most part. The beast flies WAY UP in the sky or about 80 yards from the ground. Blizzard thought this one through as it was a little rough looking for a taming spot. I never did find it after trying for about 30 minutes with another Horde hunter in the area. After thinking for a few minutes I thought about pulling him down with a shot and using my parachute (engineering) to fall safely onto taming ground. My shot killed him instantly as it only has around 9k HP. Plan number 2 worked much better! I got Nekkid and found an old gun in my bag that did 360DPS. I flew up and repeated the tag / parachute process down to the ground. Soon as I tagged the Spirit I made sure to hit escape as to not shoot anymore. After landing safely he came into range and I easily tamed him.

Another pointer that might help is the other horde player kept trying to land on one of them many round platforms in the sky. Soon as he did the beast would go in to evade mode. So just in case, make sure you fall to the ground.

Now many hunters are probably cursing me right now because they don’t have a parachute (engineering profession), well I’m sorry but that’s the only way I found out to tame him first!

Best of luck fellow hunters and I look forward to any other way you find!

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