Karoma Spirit Beast In Twilight Highlands

| August 17, 2011 | 9 Comments


One of the newest pets to hit the Spirit Beast line is Karoma a Spirit Wolf. It took me two days to locate this beauty and I’ve marked the location, visibly, on the map near the bottom of this page. This is one of two pets you will want from this zone. While there are several known spawn points I am going to highlight were I found Karoma, in green, but also circle the others in red.

Now is the best time to find your special pets because the zones aren’t packed with farmers just yet. People are still trying to level. Note that you need to be 85 and of course a BM spec to get his pet.





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  1. Whysperleaf says:

    I found it slightly East of where you indicated on the map, pacing. It dropped a gray item called Crystalline Tear of Loyaly worth 25g.

  2. niba says:

    at what (server)time you found karoma yesterday !?

  3. Drexler says:

    Sorry Niba I forgot to check the time. I was too excited I guess :(

  4. Ekkles says:

    I have Skoll and have had him for quite some time how does this one compare? i was looking for loque yesterday and found him but another hunter managed to tame him a split second before i got there >.

  5. Spaz says:

    Found em on terenas at 1:35 cords are 54.6 76.6

  6. Gath says:

    Lol Took me 5 20 hr days in a row, to tame Skoll, found him dead once in that time. It took me another 8 more days to finally find Time-Lost Proto-Drake, and get the reigns from him…killing Skoll and Vyragosa, many, many times during those 13, 20 hr days of hunting.I have gotten all of the spirit beasts as my lvl’s have progressed to do so, I am almost 85 and when I am I will get Shelt’s lion “skin” Kat and a Hydra, and the last two spirit beasts, Karoma and GhostCrawler. I keep 4/5 spirit beast with me at all times lolz …this morning I wanted to go see if I could find GhostCrawler, and in ten minutes inside the zone, I found him, damned tiny little thing tho, and zomg if u even TrY to kill him ;) …don’t, he cannot BE killed ;) …n e wayz, I psst, the only hunter I knew and invited him to come tame him, so he did. :) …last week I went to find Samba and found him as soon as I flew into the zone (/ cast time-lost proto-drake;) /tar Samba ;)

    k, well GL to all hunters and on every mount u have type /mountspecial and see what YoUr mount does for a special stance.
    SongBow of BlackDragonFlight

  7. Satanja says:

    Found Karoma @ bloodfeather realm 14.55 today, realm time. Choors 60/43. Hope it will help you guys on bloodfeather thats chasing him!

  8. Ashleemarie level 85 Hunter says:

    I got this Beauty after i tamed Sambas by the Tentacle thing, hes highly aggressive.

  9. Kortharu says:

    What time on the server kultirus can you find Karoma

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