Sambas The Rare Not So Cowardly Lion Pet

| August 17, 2011 | 2 Comments


OK fellow hunters I finally managed, the day after getting Karoma, to locate this super bad a$$ Lion named Sambas. In my opinion this is now my favorite pet now! As with other rare pets now is the time to get this pet because the amount of people farming rares, hunters looking for the pet or players questing in the area is limited. I have marked on my map where the exact spawn point was that I tamed him. I dismounted and tamed to give you a better location. The red rings are what others have stated is his additional spawn points.

I was very lucky because at the last second of taming him a Horde landed on top of me. I wish fellow hunters the best of luck in their adventures in getting this beautiful new addition!

Samba Locations

Samba Locations


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  1. Dethunter says:

    Just got mine, was camping him for 2 days and nothing, then on the third he was sitting right there when I woke up :) I found him at bottom left red mark.

  2. Furyn863 says:

    Just got him at the top right one on the map.

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