Skarr For Life, Nine Down One To Go

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Skarr toyed with me about 5 times which ended badly for myself. Finally I figured it out and away we went. Other people talked about just hitting deterrence and getting lots of haste up to tame faster but I found a simpler way, at least for me it worked.

  1. I cast a DPS shot to get the party started.
  2. He cast fireball back at me.
  3. I cast tame beast which forces him to stop and cast Fieroclast Barrage. which hurts like hell btw.
  4. I cast silencing shot and tame beast.
  5. I am now his master.

And that is how I did it. He does hit hard but you can take the fireball spell with no problem. You can’t take the Fieroclast Barrage because it hits hard and also stuns you.



Good luck fellow hunters!


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