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Recently as I have mentioned in previous posts I’ve started a warrior. At forty I went dual spec so that I could play with the fury line and basically because I think it’s cool to have 2 2 handed weapons. The best thing I found about leveling a warrior is that you will want to go down the protection line. I don’t care how much fun it sounds to do arms or fury it’s protection where the talents are well spent. Granted I’m telling you this thinking that you’re wanting to level the warrior faster and not just goof off.

Protection spec does insane amount of damage and I really couldn’t believe it. I was taking on mobs 5+ levels higher than me with no problem. Even in PVP it’s crazy damage and crowd control. I was working on a quest a while back, at level 73, and 2 players jumped me. One was a 73 warrior (fury) and the other a 80 rogue (assassination). Now the best thing about being lower level I have found over the years when entering PVP combat with someone much higher than you is that they don’t take you as serious as they should. Well the warrior dies and I take the rogue down to 487hp. That’s right I nearly killed him thanks to 3 ways to stun, 1 fear and 2 abilities to reduce a LOT of damage intake.

Needless to say I came right back and finished him off. After that we called it even and they allowed me to finish the quest I was working on. Now some will say the rogue didn’t know how to play and etc. It can go either way. I was lucky, he was bad or I am just the best there is. That last part was a joke btw because I am not, LOL.

People will always need you to tank dungeons and etc which is a great way to get experience. Also stay clear of Battlegrounds when you’re in the low digits of the level like level 20, 21 and etc up to about 26. You will spend more time in the graveyard than it’s worth.

There is very little down time when your down the protection line because damage caused to you is reduced. I would also recommend picking up mining and blacksmithing so that you can make your own gear. That saves you time and money in the long run.

Glyphs I recommend are Rapid Charge, Blocking and later on Devastate for major glyphs. For minors I recommend Battle, Charge and Command. It’s nice not having to cast Battle shout or Commanding shout so soon.

These are just a few personal quick tips from me to you. I hope you enjoy playing a warrior as much as I have and maybe these tips will help you along the way.

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