What Happens When Some Guy Has 38 Warcraft Accounts?

| May 1, 2012 | 0 Comments

You Die, a lot

So as I have stated many times my Battle group sucks, thanks Blizzard, and here is a little something else to add to the sucking mix. This is what my end screen looked like once AV was over. This was one of the longest AV matches since vanilla. Some douche has 38 warcraft accounts which breaks down to 1 controller and 37 bots. I would say he has an even 40 if I had to guess but at this time there were only 38 accounts signed in to our AV battle. This guys account comes to around $570 a month just to play warcraft, can you say bored?

Here is how it goes down for this AV battle. 40 people stacked dead center on top of each other = massive video lag. One minute they are there and the next “POOF” vanished. I would say 90% of our group was lagged out. We took all the towers and Galv but he turtled at Drek slowly killing off our resources. In the end we had Drek down to 2% before losing all our resources.

I did however manage to get 19 million damage this battle ground on my rogue :) along with 38 deaths and one lame ass killing blow.

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