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World Of Warcraft Annual Pass With Perks

October 25, 2011 | 0 Comments

Blizzard has launched the Annual WoW Pass that if you take advantage of you’ll receive:

Diablo III Free (Digital Version)
Tyrael’s Charger (WoW Mount available in 4.3)
Guaranteed Beta Entry into the next WoW Expansion

Basically all you are doing is agreeing to pay for wow on a month to month basis for 12 months. It states you can not break your contact even though the Q&A is a little confusing.


Q: What is a WoW Annual Pass?

A: The WoW Annual Pass is a twelve month World of Warcraft subscription which can be paid for in monthly installments.

Q: Who is eligible?

A: To participate, you must be 18 or older, have a valid credit card, and have registered a full version of World of Warcraft on or before 10.18.2011

Q: When do I get Diablo III and the other exclusive benefits?

A: You’ll be able to download and play Diablo III as soon as it’s available and once you complete the one-year term, it’s yours to keep, even if you cancel your subscription. Tyrael’s Charger will be available with Patch 4.3, and beta access will go live with the beta launch.



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