186k Crit in PVP? Something’s Not Right

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Let me back up this story to one week prior to the latest screw up. My wife and I play hunters and were having a little fun in Arena, which I will comment about those sissy zones later, when all of a sudden we had to fight a Mage and Pally Healer. We go in as planned but only to die in less than 3 seconds… the BOTH OF US. I thought well that was kind of odd so after checking my DPS meter it showed the Mage pulling 179,000 DPS and did I mention that was with AE spells on both of us? Don’t forget the match from engage to end was THREE (3) Seconds.

Fast forward to the preset time. Again my wife and I are in arena with a Warlock and Pally Healer. As planned we engaged and I fall over dead. It was that quick. I check my combat log only to find that the lock crit me for 186,024 (77k+ was overkill). Now just to give you an idea of why I find this bad? Well for one every piece of gear I have on when in arena is PVP. It’s not all Epic but the majority of my main pieces and weapon are of epic quality. Stats wise I have a 60% damage reduction in PVP.

SO…. 60% reduced damage from other players AND getting crit for 186, 024 damage, WITH one spell, seems a little off to me?

In PVE my pet for example can crit for 113k I think is his highest. In PVP it normally falls to around 40k. In theory that means the warlock can probably crit a normal mob for 500K+.

And back to the Mage pulling 179k DPS in arena with us having full PVP gear? Something is just not right.

Now I mentioned earlier that I would rant a little about arena’s in general. So now I will. They suck! I’m sorry but for the love of all that’s good make a damn arena with no obstacles in it like boxes, pillars, bridges and the like.  If it takes you running around something to win a match you must suck at PVP anyways. For example how is it fair that a Pally healer can stun you, run behind a box and heal or a priest can fear then run behind a pillar and heal or they just spend all day running around the pillars healing or jump off a bridge to heal. We have been fighting more and more double healer groups because they want you to QUIT the match by making it last so long. Now taking in what I just said how is it fair that healer classes can hide all day long but a stealth class is limited to how long they can hide? They added the shadow sight gems to take away a stealthy power why can’t they remove all obstacles at the same point invisibility is removed?

GRRRR end /rant (for now)

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