5.3 Hotfix Rants Directed At Hunters Are Humorous

| June 12, 2013 | 0 Comments

So this morning I look at the Hotfixes again but this time I scroll down to the comments part of the page. There I find other hunters reporting the same as I did, a HUGE drop in DPS, but what really made me laugh is all the trolls screaming Hunters are Faceroll, Stampede is over powered and etc. While most classes are bombing people for over 100k a hit constantly in PVP most hunter crits will range from 20k to 40k at best. The only good thing about Stampede was that the pets used their special abilities. The biggest problem with hunters are we are a LINE OF SIGHT class. Blow Bestial Wrath, Stampede, Dire Beast and watch the enemy jump off a bridge. DPS = 0, CDs = a lot.

For that matter try  being a hunter period in any arena where all the other team does is run around a pole or have them jump off the bridge while you watch your pet have to turn around and run all the way back to the bottom only to have them repeat the process.

Here recently we were just now allowed to use Bestial Wrath without our pet being in LOS. They removed our stun, which has a 1 min cooldown and forced us to pick it or silencing shot. Most hunters will probably pick Silencing shot due to the cooldown time but it’s pretty much useless against melee classes. Trolls complain that Scatter Shot needs to be put on a 45 second timmer or removed. How you think a 3 sec blind is OP is beyond me.

And then there’s the recent changes with blink strikes which is as useless as tits on a bull. 20 second CD and half the time my pet won’t even trigger the effect. When you’re dependant on a part of your class that can not take advantage of it’s surroundings it sucks.

I love my Hunter just like I love my:

  • 90 Mage
  • 90 Rogue
  • 90 Death Knight (way OP)
  • 90 Warrior (Second Wind and Mass Stuns OP)
  • 90 Priest
  • 90 Warlock (Dot Dot Dot, Fear Fear Fear)

But for anyone that is getting straight up owned by a Hunter you need more practice with your class or get better gear. Which speaking of gear I find it sad that PVE gear is out performing PVP gear. I mean really now….

OK this is my midweek rant.

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