Brawler’s Guild – AKA Fight Club

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OK I am about to break rule #2 for fight club because in all honesty it’s depressing. First let me say after wiping out countless horde at the Black Market Auction House I was able to win a invitation. I tried killing the rares for one but it just didn’t happen. Next let me say that when I entered the Tram headed to the Brawler’s Guild I was excited, which I haven’t been in a while, and when I entered the room there were probably 80 people standing around the arena. This was great until I realized there’s a queue in order to fight.

After finally finding the queue person at the corner of the arena I was off to watch the fights. The first fight for me came up quick, which was weird, but later I realized why. I entered the arena and won in about 30 seconds.

Fresh out of battle I queued up again only to notice I was behind 40+ people. About an hour passed and I was still 40+ in queue. 30 Minutes later I was 9th, then 6th , then 10th, then 7th and this was after watching about 50 people fight… I figured that Blizzard is allowing first timers to cut in line since the 1st rule is you must fight. This sucks!

Blizzards math takes a serious hit when it comes to the Brawler’s Club. In total it took me 2 hours to fight my 2nd fight. Take in mind there are 8 ranks with 4 fights per rank… Even if you didn’t die it’s going to take a long time. If you do die then 2 hours, in my example, would have been wasted.

The rewards for the time invested are very lacking.

In the end if it gets fixed I will LOVE it. But as it stands I would not waste my time until they figure out a better method.

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