Destro Warlocks And Those Awesome 14k+ Nukes

Let’s QQ for a minute on destruction warlocks. Really now how do you combat stun, fear, charm (pet) and 14k+ crits? I don’t know about you but as an example my rogue has 18k in full hateful, I know I know stop QQing as you’re reading this, but this is an example. With gems and enchants I have 600 Res. and yet I get ate in 2 shots. How is this fun?

Hell I even have a high level lock but he’s affliction which does nice damage unless you’re fighting a dispelling class.

This is one of those classes I find way out balanced and not very fun to fight against. I know you’re saying “but they wear cloth”, you’re right. They may wear cloth but with 25k + health, a pet that can absorb damage and allow casting through the shield makes them rather OP in my opinion. You could also factor in the succubus that can charm anyone attacking them which is long enough for them to get ae fear or regular fear off.

Am I wrong? I know I’m not but what’s your opinion?

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Posted by Drexler on July 28 2009 Filed under Photo Gallery, Warlock Rants. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0. You can leave a response or trackback to this entry

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