Cross Realm Server Fail, Thanks Blizzard

| June 4, 2013 | 0 Comments

Anywhere you go you’ll hear someone complaining about it. Why? For all the right reasons. Here is my take on the whole CZR @)(#@$.

  • First of all if you’ were on a low pop server where you wanted to be, for example to farm rare mounts or pets, you now have company and a lot of it.
  • More newbs ganking lowbies on PVP servers.
  • All those people and still nothing in the AH. Why? Because it stays on their server. At times there are zero (0) materials, gems and etc on my AH. Yet I see so many people farming.
  • Zones are full but yet a simple /who revealed 28 people on my entire server, for my faction. WTF!

Instead of screwing up everyones game play just face facts Blizzard. Wow is losing people and for good reason. You can get to 90 in a matter of days, bypassing all the good programming, quests and adventures, making the game a race to boredom. I would rather play a GAME than focus only on reaching 90. Once 90 you have 100x the boring crap to deal with such as factions which always end in killing X number of mobs or looting X number of mobs. Once geared some new patch comes along making gear obsolete.



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