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| February 17, 2013 | 0 Comments

Today’s rant is for my Hunter that I love. It’s very annoying when the game doesn’t function as it should and lately it has been terrible. While I’m sure there are many other classes with many other problems these are what I have noticed on my hunter recently.

1.) Pet pathing! If I can stand there so should my pet. The pillars in Honor hold will not allow a pet to stand on the HUGE platform but I have no problem walking around it. The pet just falls 2 feet under the floor and sits there. Also in the middle of the freaking zone on flat land I kept getting the error that there was no path available while trying to get my pet to attack while in a PVP battle. Zero obstacles, only FLAT land.

2.) LOS! As mentioned above while I was fighting this weekend near honor hold I had a DK all up in my sh*t. While trying to fight back it kept telling me I had no line of sight and couldn’t do that… In the middle of the f’ing desert.

3.) Stable vs Spec! Why must I change specs in order to get my pets out of the stables? I am dual spec so yes I know that the exotic creature I am attempting to take from my stable won’t work with my offspec but I STILL WANT IT IN MY LIST FOR WHEN I DO CHANGE SPECS.

4.) Pet not dead! This is another one of those annoyances that happens daily. If I die and after returning attempt to summon my pet it tells me it is DEAD. So now I have to cast revive pet at which time it tells me my pet IS NOT DEAD and then I have to click summon again. WTH people!

5.) Camouflage! A LOT of times when I go camouflage my pet is just sitting there like defying me and stuff. I mean really? Then I have to wait a minute before I can do it again!

6.) Coming out of Camouflage! This weekend I noticed that abilities resetting / coming back up are knocking me out of stealth!

/end rant

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