My Arena Hunter Bugs As Of April 24th, 2013

| April 25, 2013 | 0 Comments

Yesterday my wife and I were doing our weekly arena when everything was going just terribly wrong. Each of the below issues happened during individual matches.

  1. Went stealth but hunter pet would not.
  2. Engaged target but pet just sat there.
  3. Blink Strike and Kill Command failed and would just highlight each time I attempted to use it, with my pet sitting next to me.
  4. Pet stable (the spell to call pets) showed a whistle and would not work so I couldn’t call a pet.
  5. Pet refused to move during one match and I could not use any pet abilities / spells. AT ALL. Pet was in no way rooted, stunned or CC’ed.
  6. Character stuck in infinite turning loop while Kill Shot was up.

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