Will Faction Changing Hurt Warcraft

I’ve been reading a lot of rants on the web lately in regards to the new service offered by Blizzard to allow characters the ability to transfer factions. I have to say I think this was a very bad move since it wasn’t regulated based on who was going where.

I mean what if everyone up and went to the Horde side? I guess it really only takes it toll on PVP realms such as mine. The “estimated reported” numbers for my server are 84% horde 16% alliance. It sucks and sucks bad but the way I look at it is there’s more to kill (or worse case scenario be killed by).

Recently a group of horde came to Stormwind and pretty much camped it for a while. There names I knew well because just days prior they were alliance members.  So with the recent service we lost even more alliance members and to the best of my knowledge we didn’t gain many, if any at all.

I read a poll last week and nearly 100% stated that they switched to horde. I think Blizzard should have put a cap on how many can change from one faction to another until they start balancing each other out. There also needs to be a way to balance servers that are leaning more towards one faction, by say 10% or more.

My server wasn’t always like this. We had huge alliance guilds but they all transferred in order to compete against other larger horde guilds on other servers. And with time horde took over. For hours they roam our cities, killing guards and unexpected newbs.


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