Battleground Leveling And Player Levels

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With the most recent patch players can now level up in battlegrounds. While I like the idea of this I don’t think it was thought through entirely. For example in Altrec Valley you will see a range of players that could be anywhere from 71 to 80.  May I remind you that an 80 has end line spells and 9 levels on some players? Low level users will find that they are spending more time in the graveyard than actually playing.

And if dieing that fast wasn’t bad enough you have to listen to all the QQing from the higher levels about how many low levels are in the battleground. These people spend more time typing than playing.

This is how I would make the battle grounds if it were me. First of all I would merge battlegroups and have battleground ranges set in increments of 2 so that it would 70-71, 72-73 and so on. This would allowing those leveling to have more fun and fight people close to their level. It would also cut back on twinking. The game shouldn’t be about who can afford the highest cost enchantment or who has had someone run them through all the dungeons around the world to get the best gear. What it is for is having fun, using your skills and enjoying the game for what it is.

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