Sick of non-rated battlegrounds loaded with full pre-mades

| March 17, 2012 | 2 Comments

I mean come the hell on. Do you suck that bad in Rated BGs that you have to stomp all over puny non-rated BGs? Illidan is the worse for this. That must be the most over populated server around, which sucks for me as I am on the most under populated server. At any given time there is maybe 3-4 of each class on the total server. It’s bad enough I get teamed up with half wits that stop in awe at a Boomkin.

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  1. Razorblend says:

    LOL I was just saying the same thing. My last 6 random BGs were either 5 or 10 player pre-mades from Illidan. Blizzard is starting to fail IMO.

  2. Drexler says:

    Go figure. My last 3 were pre-mades from Illidan. They need to fix that crap. Or make my server a boat anchor.

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