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Warlocks overpowered IMO and this is WHY

So I'm in STV on my alt and this lvl 70 warlock comes up, dots me, and runs off. Well I die as intended.

He does it again so I get my Hunter who is in nearly full vengeful, minus helm and shoulders.

I find him off killing lower levels and he's at 50% HP. I start unloading but he enters my "dead zone" and by the time I get some range I'm dead by dot's

It's bull shit that they can cast all their dots that fast, life drain, fear, that damn shadow bolt that fears you and takes life, damn near instantly.

By the time you factor in life stones and etc. It just freaking blows. Getting ticked for 1k+ sucks.

I looked the guy up and he was in gladiator....

Posted 2 weeks ago

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