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Pallys need NERFED GDIT

So here is what I enjoy..

3374 Melee
1934 Crusader
2559 Seal
6186 Hammer crit

4 hits damn near all instant in a row and you tell me how I'm supposed to live past that?

Those Pally huggers at Bliz need to grow some and play other classes to actually do some comparison. Pallys were already a hard fight before because they get to bubble and start all over.

Bubble should only be available down one talent tree line at the very least. Not a spell every one of them can use.


Posted 2 months ago

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  • Or how about the fact that you remain stun the entire time they do that dmg. I wish I could stun people and do 10k dmg instant.
    Posted 2 months agoReport

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