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Hunter Nerf Coming Soon WTF is all i can say

In t7 Gear I only out damage the 2nd person in the lead, which is usually a lock, mage, or pally, by 100k dmg.

That is not much considering that's based on 2-3 hour raids.

What whinny ass player that blizzard looks to for information complained that HUNTERS are OP? I'm guessing it was either....

A: A cloth mage that thinks they are the only ones that can do lots of dmg fast.

B: A ret pally that got owned and is mad because they want to be the one doing all the killing.

You want to nerf something NERF those classes. I'm tired of being 2 hit. Mass crited or how about stunned, frozen in place by a mage that is critting for 5k plus?

Hunters should ALWAYS be doing more dps because we have a DEAD zone that is damn near impossible to get out unless your a BM.

I don't understand why you want to give all classes the ability to whip our asses and then nerf us.

DKs can now pull us straight to their asses. I mean come the hell on people. RANGE = HUNTER, NO RANGE = DEATH.

We spend more time trying to run the hell away then we do fighting.

I also loved that comment that "we" being blizzard "hoped that the other classes could catch up in DPS with the hunters but it's not panning out that way". WTF does that mean. Who is running these test. A: people need to have the same skillz when testing. Just because the NUB in the next cubical can't play his mage doesn't mean they are weak and hunters are OP.

Gawd fix real problems like hacked accounts, gold spammers, no one in BGs, over populated servers (one sided), the lag in Dalanaar, Chimera pet bug, the tram linking IF to SW (shut that SOB down im tired of the kings all dieing in 20min).

Posted 1 month ago

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