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When I Grow Up I Want To Be An Ice Mage

OMG.. O M F G could they be any more over powered.

You touch them and they freeze you thanks to Frostbite
You trinket out and touch them again they freeze you. Frostbite again.
Freeze wears off and they Frost Nova your ass in place.
They Blink out of anything.
They summon an annoying Water Elemental Pet.
All of this [...]

From Hero To Zero, The Death Knight

Death Knights came about as the “Hero” class. I remember when they came out and OMG were they hard to kill. After a few months of getting my main and alts to 80 I decided to start a Death Knight. Once he hit 80 the nerfing began. Reduce reduce reduce, remove,  higher refresh, this and [...]

Down With OPB Already

That’s right I say down with the old paladin bubble. It needs to be changed to be more in-line with other players gimped abilities. Who else can be immune to ALL dmg but in return can still dish out 15k+burst dmg. Maybe that’s why there are so many paladins? They all suck so they want [...]

Destro Warlocks And Those Awesome 14k+ Nukes

Let’s QQ for a minute on destruction warlocks. Really now how do you combat stun, fear, charm (pet) and 14k+ crits? I don’t know about you but as an example my rogue has 18k in full hateful, I know I know stop QQing as you’re reading this, but this is an example. With gems and [...]

17,546 Burst Dmg Isn’t Fun When You’re On The Receiving End

Let’s count the ways that this is b*******. A Paladin stuns you as they run up and click you’re now dead. It happens THAT fast. As the screen shot shows, and it’s not even the highest burst I’ve had done to me, the Paladin did 17,546 dmg to me in only a couple seconds.
I find [...]

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