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Race Changes Now Available

Blizzard has released the race change feature which I think is a great idea. Much better than the faction changing feature. Here are some of the details regarding the race change feature.

Things to know before you start:

Under normal conditions, a race change should be ready immediately after rendering payment and completing the steps in this [...]

Dieing In The Ironforge Tram Means A Hike For You

Take some advice from an experienced user. Do NOT die in the tram when you are in Ironforge. Basically Blizzard thought it would be fun and again benefit the horde by forcing to res in Elwynn Forest which is outside of Stormwind. And this I might add is no where near Ironforge.
So when you do [...]

So You Want To Make Some Gold In Warcraft

Being that I have a lot of level 80 characters I thought I would share some money making tips. While these suggestions worked best for me per characters it’s up to you to decide what paths to take. Take note that I try to use professions that’s also going to make sense for the character [...]

Hordes Access To Alliance Leaders

Is it just me or does the Horde have it made? Yes I play a Alliance but I mean d*** come on people.
First of all they can have a warlock and another engineer portal to Gnomergen and summon everyone else. Alliance can portal to Tanaris where there is already a freaking flight path and no [...]

My Questions On Removal of AP, SP & More

This post comes from a confused reader in regards to my previous post where I mentioned the that Attack Power, Spell Power, Defense, Armor Penetration and Block Value are going away.
Here is my beef and call me stupid but I’m still confused as are many people. For example this quote says:
“Spell Power is gone. It [...]

Warcraft Servers Still Down

So it’s like 6pm EST and my server along with a lot others is STILL DOWN. All I want to do is kill things
I wonder what major fix they had to do? I know the server went off-line at 2pm EST and that’s 16 hours of down time so far.

Big Changes Are Coming With Cataclysm

Goblin Class

Rocket Jump – Activate your rocket belt to jump up to 20 yards, every 2 min.
Rocket Barrage – Fire your belt rockets at an enemy within 30 yards, every 2 min. (Shared cooldown with Rocket Jump)
Time is money – Cash in on a 1% increase to attack and casting speed.
Best Deals Anywhere [...]

Revamp More Dungeons

One of the biggest problems I see is the fact old world low level dungeons are all dead. The stepping area from the old world to TBC is harsh. You go from hardly any stats on gear to huge bonuses starting at level 58. This makes green items better than epic purples from say Molten [...]

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