Crying baby vs dog

  • Length: 1:33
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  • Author: immi1979

Tags: animal  child  cry  cute  dog  funny  interesting  kid  mimicry  video 

See the dog try and out do the baby's crying. Cute... comments please

Undertaker tombstones Vickie Guerrero

  • Length: 3:7
  • Rating: ( ratings)
  • Views: 2
  • Author: Gazpachor

Tags: action  american  arts  catch  combat  Guerrero  martial  pressing  smackdown  sports  tombstones  Undertaker  Vickie  wwe  wwf 

ROFL. Undertaker tombstones Vickie Guerrero. Find more funny, interesting and special videos, news and stuff in my blog: :)

~*~Free Falling~*~

  • Length: 1:18
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  • Views: 1
  • Author: MeSuh

Tags: Amusement  Attraction  Awesome  Carowinds  fall  Fly  Free  Freefall  Fun  Funny  Interesting  Scream  Shot  Sling  Slingshot 

4th of July at Carowinds with some of my favorite girls!

My First 3D Pivot!

  • Length: 0:34
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  • Author: Kirbydude8

Tags: 3D  beginner  funny  interesting  Kirbydude8  pivot 

It's very short but it's kind of funny

Random Laws

  • Length: 0:33
  • Rating: ( ratings)
  • Views: 12
  • Author: ZerlinHits

Tags: entertainment  funny  interesting  laws 

Different places, different laws.

Twirly Man

  • Length: 3:29
  • Rating: ( ratings)
  • Views: 13
  • Author: benbargain

Tags: anime  dead  death  fantasy  funny  guitar  halo  hip-hop  its  music  naruto  of  rap  ravers  rihana  SNL  than  that  the  then  tube  you 


Starwars Episode 1.5: What You Didn't See

  • Length: 3:8
  • Rating: ( ratings)
  • Views: 21' favoriteCount='1
  • Author: ultravault

Tags: Barney  Blooper  brother  Cool  Darth  film  funny  geek  interesting  kids  little  Maul  old  padawan  short  sister  starwars 

A video of a play me and my brother did when we were like 4. My sister is Darth Barney in it, She is like 2.

Cheaters Movie

  • Length: 7:14
  • Rating: 1.00 (2 ratings)
  • Views: 57' favoriteCount='1
  • Author: pinktutu224

Tags: cheaters  funny  girls  homemade  horror  interesting  knife  movie  scary 

our attempt of a scary movie. =]

St. Georges Prom 08 Show Stopper

  • Length: 1:53
  • Rating: 5.00 (2 ratings)
  • Views: 32' favoriteCount='1
  • Author: nKenton

Tags: 2008  Bahama  Bahamas  Casket  Freeport  Funny  Georges  Girl  Grand  Interesting  Prom  SGHS  Show  St.  stopper 

Girl arrives to prom in a casket.

Totodile Brothers Poke Mafia! Episode 1 Part 1

  • Length: 2:38
  • Rating: ( ratings)
  • Views: 10
  • Author: MasterSakoXD

Tags: !!!  funny  interesting  mafia  poke  pokemon  totodile 

funny and interesting story about a mafia crew called the Totodile brothers great series must watch!


  • Length: 0:33
  • Rating: ( ratings)
  • Views: 4
  • Author: comeaugus7

Tags: casey  corinne  funny  interesting  sierra  weird 

This is us introducing ourselves!

friendship never dies

  • Length: 9:58
  • Rating: ( ratings)
  • Views: 12
  • Author: windwalker94

Tags: friendship  funny  interesting  photography 

best friends to the end homie

Its my party

  • Length: 1:51
  • Rating: ( ratings)
  • Views: 5
  • Author: bluephoenixint

Tags: car  music  singing  spoof 

We were just messing around in the car on the ride back to providence. It was party to be fair.

Enjoy Life!!!

  • Length: 3:0
  • Rating: ( ratings)
  • Views: 6
  • Author: Enrique100001

Tags: adolescence  enjoy  funny  growing  growth  interesting  life 

This is a video about how I feel we should live our own lives and enjoy them because we only live once.Well, I made this video because it was an art project, and I hope you enjoy it haha.


  • Length: 1:14
  • Rating: ( ratings)
  • Views: 5
  • Author: framedparadox

Tags: film  funny  interesting  short  straw  suicide 

an interesting phenomenon.

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