Kude Suke Dpt Rokok

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Funny n Bodoh2..

Yo mamma jokes

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  • Author: dominikangurl25

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funny n good yo mamma jokes~!!


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yet another logo edit i did to attract attention to coolNsexyrickz.anyway,it was taken from "peasar the movie:pixrix takes over the city".it will be released on october 16 2008.it's funny n' excellent! i sent a letter to summit entertainmentstudio through studio:columbia through alleid filmakers:same.columbia through universal:same.columbia through summit:non-real.columbia through nelvana:same.lol.a special deuce you to:coolNsexyrickzthese 5 logos could be debuted in the teastur,i think.if:maxienumber2vhsguy2007TVBrobotnikboyfinejuniorfan89had has this as a parody,do not take this seriosly.peasar the movie:pixrix takes over the city will be realeased on dvd on january 9 2009.these logos are real.i do not own these.they're owned by thier companies.


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just funny n messin about lol

Brown Dancing

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this is my otha battle buddy brown dancing acting a fool its too funny n no he's not gay or nun like that

favicol add

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  • Author: ithocalabi

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funny n cool add of FAVICOL for india.must watch, enjoy.

tk n jay

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  • Author: Trana24

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this mess iz funny n person

scary movie

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  • Author: yourfunnylooking2003

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wow funny n try to listen in the background cuz we made mistakes

Autisic boy nick sings lovley

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  • Author: GEORGIZZEH

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This little boy is amazing he is autistic but no1 cares he is soooo funny n seet n every1 loves him!!!

So Real: Season 01 Trailer

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Here is all the craziness you may or may not expect in our Season 01 trailer! Comin' soon!

Selena Gomez & Miley Cyrus Together On Hannah Montana

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  • Author: karenandmonica

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If ur a Selena and/or Miley fan n don't have these Hannah M clips of Selena n Miley together on HM just don't miss'em, cuz they r jus so funny n so cute together. like jus totally! it would be a great disney tv show with miley & selena together on it like all the time :)


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  • Author: jobebryant647



Marrying jonas ch.10

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  • Author: alwayzinlove94

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B: IM NOT MARRYING YOU!!!N: *stops car* hereB: where are we?N: you want an abortion go get it!B: i dont want oneN: wat y not u scaredB: no the only reson i was going to in the first place is because Tess said if i didnt you wouldnt want me.N:*laffs* T: keep me out of thisJ: *laffs*J&N:*LAFFING*B&T: wats so funnyN: you thought that me not wanting you was even possible, you thought i could walk away from u judt like that?B: well Tess sai..N: SCREW TESSJ&T: HEY!!!N: i love u Bella, i love you so much that you get to sleep on the couch tonight!!B: WATN: im no tmad anymore idk i just feel like bfing a super bitchBB: im pregnantN: fine lets go homeB:okay*SHORT BUT I WILL MAKE UP FOR THAT BIG TIME TOMMOROW IL BE POSTING 2 STRAIGHT HRS FROM 3 TO 5!!!! YAY!!!!

dancin divas

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  • Author: nikfstr07

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silver lining,,,,, funny n good t watch

azn goufy being crazy

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  • Author: GOUFYAZN90

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dont worry its going to be funny n crazy

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