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  • Author: vader997

Tags: dinosaur    falling    fruit    funny    grape  grapefruit    grapes    jumping    motion    rasbury  running    sliding    Slow  vitamin  vitaminwater    walking    water    zurbert   

Slow motion

Smashin Fruit

  • Length: 0:31
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  • Author: dyingtolive076

Tags: Crazy  Drunk  Funny 

Got drunk and decided i wanted to smash some fruit


  • Length: 1:59
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  • Author: CarisaLaine

Tags: britney  fruit  funny  loops  pineapple  spears  thing 

ummmmm der

Ned vs Hobbos

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  • Author: kieranladd

Tags: animals  castle  dead  deths  dogs  doom  frog  fruit  funny  gardens  geeks  great  hets  mangeld  neds  wet  wether 


Um Bongo

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  • Author: wondakaiba93

Tags: congo  drink  fruit  Umbongo 

lyrics ~ "Way down deep in the middle of the Congo, a hippo took an apricot, a guava and a mango. He stuck it with the others, and he danced a dainty tango.The rhino said, "I know, we'll call it Um Bongo", Um Bongo, Um Bongo, They drink it in the Congo.The python picked the passion fruit, the marmoset the mandarin. The parrot painted packets, that the whole caboodle landed in.So when it comes to sun and fun and goodness in the jungle, They all prefer the sunny funny one they call Um Bongo!"I loved this juice so much. They don't sell it as much as they used to.

My Grapes song (lady stomps and falls)

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  • Author: aznkimchi21

Tags: falls  funny  grapes  hip  hop  humps  juice  korean  lady  live  my  news  rap  reporter  stomp  stomping  tv  welche's 

Gerald Stroud, Gido Park, Dan Kanglyrics copyrighted...we made a song to the video where the lady stomps on grapes and falls on her face.used the my humps theme and remixed it into a grape song!ENJOY!************ IF YOU WANT THE MP3 LET ME KNOW ****************LYRICS:"My Grapes"CHORUSWhat you gon do with all them grapes, all them grapes up in yo face//I'm a stomp stomp stomp stomp yo juice// stomp yo juice til u get loose//Grape grape ......................Check it out!Verse 1Grape juice on the dailyGot me goin crazyIt treats me very nicelyDrink them with some icey'sdolce and gabannawelche's from my mommaI don't like sharing, Fruit of the loom grapes I be wearinI saw this video last week, the lady had me laughingMy roommate showed me I was rollin... it made me really happySo I keep on takin'And no I ain't takenWe can keep on datin'I keep on demonstrating.My grapes (grapes) She got me spendin..Spending all my time on Welche's, all my time on welche'sShe got me stompin..Stompin on the grape and fallin.. (OH) I'm fallin, fallin fallin(CHORUS)What you gon do with all them grapes, all them grapes up in yo face//I'm a stomp stomp stomp stomp yo juice// stomp yo juice til u get loose//What you gon do with all that jam, all that jam inside that can//I'm a spread spread spread all on yo bread// stomp till you fall on yo head/Grape (a million times)Verse 2Saw this old lady, st-stompin on grapes...Told the camera stop, fell down on her face//You can be my peanut butter, I can be ya jelly//Pb and J, with grape juice down ya belly//I mix your milk wit my grape juice,Milky, milky grape juice,Mix your milk with my grape juice, milky, milky riiiiiiight.They say I'm really sexy,this song is really catchy.They always standing next to me,Always drinkin next to me,why they wanna take takeAll of my grape grape. You can look but you can't touch it,If you touch it I'ma start some stopin,You don't want no stompin,No, no stompin, no, no, no, no stompinSo don't pull on my hand boy,no taking my jam boy,I'm just tryn'a drink boy,and eat my grapes!!!!CHORUS

Frühstück des Obstmenschen / Fruity Breakfast

  • Length: 1:3
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  • Author: BeeOtchinc

Tags: banane  breakfast  des  fruit  frühstück  morgen  morning  nürnberg  obstmensch 

This is a tryout sequence of a short movie that i am going to produce (hopefully) this month. It will be played by a different actor (better^^) and in another location.Dies ist ein Versuchsfilmchen zu einem Kurzfilm, den ich (hoffentlich) noch diesen Monat drehen kann, welcher auch eine ähnliche Sequenz beinhaltet. Dort wird sie allerdings von einem anderen (besseren^^) Schauspieler gespielt und an einem anderen Ort stattfinden:)The Sound I made with a collection of FX sounds a friend gave me, i think they are funny^^Den Sound hab ich mit einer Soundgalerie gemacht, die ein Freund mir mal gegeben hatte:) Ich find sie lustig^^Greetz / MfGBee-Otch

Chews4Health Commercial

  • Length: 0:35
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  • Author: sachaman1911

Tags: chews  commercial  diet  food  fruit  funny  health  liquid  parody  pills  powder  spoof  super  supplement 

A Mock commercial. It's really funny, I made it for video production class

Castle Of Doom !

  • Length: 7:50
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  • Author: kieranladd

Tags: animals  castle  dead  deths  dogs  doom  frog  fruit  funny  gardens  geeks  great  hets  mangeld  neds  wet  wether 


fruit punch

  • Length: 0:25
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  • Author: volcom8090

Tags: adorable  beg  comedy  couple  cute  drink  fruit  funny  hilarious  innocent  laugh  laughing  lol  man  punch  puppy 

haha hilarious innocence


  • Length: 9:53
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  • Author: ohhhthatslyksowierd

Tags: and  awsome  baby  bag  bratz  chiko  fruit  funny  haha  laugh  lighting  make  me  NO  paper  shot  tube  video  wierd  you 

AWSOME SAYS THE DAILY MEOWCATS WATCH.........MEOW!!! cuz thats the polite way of ending a message

Fruit Salad

  • Length: 0:37
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  • Author: MarioLover25

Tags: Animation  Fruit  Funny  Short  Smile  Video 

This funny video has fruit that makes itself into a smile face! :)

Will Smith crying: Fresh Prince

  • Length: 0:43
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  • Author: freham2001

Tags: air  ashley  bel  blaming  carlton  cry  crying  eating  fresh  fruit  funny  hah  hilarious  hillary  of  owned  prince  smith  will 

This is one of my favorite scenes out of all of Fresh Prince. Will was shouting at a judge, who then randomly fell over and died. Will feels like he killed him, and is feeling really down...This is where the vid picks up.

fruit salad

  • Length: 1:46
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  • Author: js554455

Tags: parody 

funny song

The Mustacheio Song SPEEDED UP!!

  • Length: 0:44
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  • Views: 10
  • Author: CheezFriMacApple

Tags: apple  cheese  crazy  down  friends  fruit  funny  hat  how  imature  music  mustache  short  song  speed  stupid  to  up  video  weird  wow 


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