Dumped by Katie

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Ever feel as if a girl just totally stabs your heart? Whats a best friend to do but listen to your annoying shit about some stupid bitch who went down on some guy in a hotel........ yea that's what happened in this story

Everyone Knows It's Meant to Be... Ch 28 pt2 SEASON FINALE

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Sam: *pulls away* So you...?Nick: I don't know.Sam: then why did you-Nick: I just wanted to check if I felt anything.Sam: *smiles* well check again. *kisses him*Nick: *pulls away* Ok enough checking.Sam: No you need to check way more. *starts kissing him again*Nick: *pulls away again* Sam stop.Sam: i don't want to. I think you're hot and I thought you said you liked me.Nick: Yeah, unitl I see you like....like this. This is not the girl I first met on vacation. You're nothing but a...a video girl. *leaves*Sam: *jaw drops* I can't believe you!Nick: *saysback to her without looking back* I couldn't believe you either.Sam: *slams the door*Joe: *walks in the kitchen* Morning- OK THEN.Kashleigh: *break away*Joe: I never thought you guys break the world record. I thought me and Alyssa would!Kevin: *sarcastic* Haha Joe. You're funny.Joe: Thanks. *gets something to eat from the fridge*Alyssa: Good morning.Joe: Good morning beautiful. *grabs her waist and kisses her on the lips*Kevin: Anyone know where Nick went?Ashleigh: I saw him leaving the hotel room.Kevin: going where? Ashleigh: No clue.Nick: *comes back in* Where's Emily?Joe: I don't know-Nick: I made a terrible mistake. the stupidest ever.Emily: *about ot walk in the kitchen but stays where she is unseen*Nick: I really need to talk to her. I made a stupid mistake ever lying to her and...I just wanna tell her that. Joe: What ever happened to Sam?Nick: She's nothing but a video girl.All: *laugh*Nick: I'm serious. She's not the right girl for me. Emily is and I love her.Emily: Really?Nick: *turns around* Yeah. I'm sorry for ever hurting you and-Emily: I heard you before. *smiles*Nick: *smiles* So..Emily: *kisses him* I love you too.Nick: I love you so much.*they make out*well that's the season finale. i know it's not that good but it'll come back. JBLAFS will be coming back...idk when but it will come... so will EKIMTB. sooo.....seeyah!!! :)

Got Me Goin' Crazy:A Jonas Love Story(Chapter 2:Part 2)

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Okay,Here Is Number 3:Amanda:Ok,See You Tomorrow!Joe:Okay,Bye Amanda!Amanda:By Joe!(Joe's P.O.V)Oh My GOsh! I Have This BEAUTIFUL Girl Going On A Date With Me Tommorow!I Better Not Mess This Up!*Knock On Joe's Hotel Room Door*Joe: Who Is It???Nick:It's The Cookie Monster! Who Do You Think It Is?Joe:Come In!Nick Walks InJoe:What Do You Want?NicK:Who Were You Just On The Phone With?Joe:Amanda!Nick:Who's That?Joe:That Girl I Gave My Number To At The Meet And Greet!Nick:Oh Her Friend Was Hot!Joe:Which One?Nick:The One With The Dark Hair.The Blonde Was Cute Too,But The Other One Was Breathtaking!Joe:Ok,Whatever!Nick:What Do You Mean whatever!(starts to get mad)That Girl Is Pure BEAUTIFUL!Joe:Calm Down,She's Pretty,But Amanda's Way Prettier!Nick:Oh Sure Whatever!Joe:what are you saying?Nick:That Her Friend Makes Her Look Like A Piece Of-(Joe Tackles Him To The Ground And Pins Him Down)Nick:Joe,Get Off Me!Joe:Not Until You Say Sorry!Nick:Fine,I'm Sorry...(Joe Gets Off Of Him)Nick:...That My Girl's Prettier Than Yours!(Joe Runs After Him)(Amanda's P.O.V)I Just Got Asked Out By Joe Jonas!What Am I Going To Wear?Oh,I Hope I Can Keep My Cool Around Him,And-(Lia Walks In)Lia:HeyAmanda:Hey LiLi,Wats UpLia:I Think I'm In LoveAmanda:What!With Who?Lia:NickAmanda:Well,That's Okay,maybe he likes you too!i'll ask joe tomorrow on our dateLia:Okay,But I Won't Get My Hopes High,Because I Don't Get How Anybody Could Like Me!Amanda:Don't Say That Lia,You Are A Great Person!Pretty,Smart,Funny,Who Wouldn't Like You?(Lia Hugs Amanda)Lia:Thanks Mandy!Goodnight!Amanda:Night Lia!(They Go To Bed)****************************So We Still Don't What Happens On Joe And Amanda's Date But We'll Find Out Next Time On Got Me Goin' Crazy:A Jonas Love Story!PLEASE RATE,COMMENT,AND SUBSCRIBE!*****************************

DONT TELL ANYONE: a jonas brothers love story episode35

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i miss rizzo!! have fun at homeXD this ones dedicated to YOU!!! haha nd a bunch of othr ppl but i dnt feel lyk listing thm alllXD hhaaha i think josephadamjonas01 wanted this.... or was it taggbebj?? nnd ik tht clairebearbestie(sp) wanted taggbedj but ur getting this instead!!! hahaepisode35joes POV.(AN: back when he first picked up the knife)I ran my finger lightly against the blade as I thought about all that happened. I started to walk away. i passed a group of bushes and i heard something move. i stopped and turned towards them... next thing i knew i was getting pulled into the bushes.[WHO PULLED HIM IN????????]**maya and nick**MAYAS POV.maya:do you always take everything so litterally?!{he laughed}nick:what! you said mc donalds so thats where were going!maya:i was kiding!nick:i wasnt! this place is so cheap!{i laughed}maya:your so weird!nick:but thats why you love me {he turned and smiled at me and i kissed him fast. he turned back to the drive threw smiling and i giggled.} so... WHAT DO YOU WANT?!?!?!?!?{he said like he was gay or something which made me laugh SO hard}maya:how about something off the dollar menue so its not too expensive for nick jonas!{he "glared" at me in fake anger and then said}nick:perfect cause you know nick jonas doesnt have a lot of money!maya:dude your loadednick:pshh not after that ring{i gave him a 'what the fuck' face and he laughed}maya:fine... im getting the most expensive thing they have{i stuck my tongue out at him}nick:fine what is that like 5 bucks?maya:haha VERY funny{i said with lots of sarcasm as nick pulled up to the window and we ordered. we grabbed our food and started to pull drive away} so is this the whole date my little studmuffin?{i said while stuffing a fri into my mouth. he shrugged}nick:maybeee... and dont call me that! curse joe for comming up with that!{he shook his head and i kissed his cheek}maya:so where else are we going!?nick:who said we were going any where else?maya:you did when you said{i imitated him}maybeeeeeeeeee......nick:ok i dont sound like that and... its a surprise!... again...maya:ugh i hate surprises!{i sat back and crossed my arms but i couldnt stop smiling}[where is nick taking her??? are there any more surprises or are they just going back to the hotel?]**kevin and taylor**KEVINS POV.Kevin:taylor.... wh-what happened?!{she sniffled}taylor:a lot of shit to be honest...{she sighed}i guess it all started when my...dad... died...... i was 2... and aparently he was the greatest man and from what i cAN remeber he was{she smiled weakly and then it faded.} when my dad died my mom... went... crazy really... she would... yell, scream, and everything at me. she got addicted to drugs and was always drinking... all my life that was all i knew. she would always have wild parties... and random guys over the house... which is where my step...dad came from{she sighed} he was one of the many guys... they ended up getting married i dont know why... i was about 13... a year later my mom... sh-she... {she said the rest of this really fast} shetriedtogetmoredrugssoshetriedtotricksomepeopleintogivingittoherandth-theycametomyhouseandtheyshother.....{she paused for a while as tears began to swell in her eyes}i was right there kevin!{she started hysterically crying}i saw my mom die. i saw the blood. i heard the shot. i watched her slowly dieing! fading away! screaming out in pain! crying! and i saw...my step dad walk away...{her voice was so shakey and frail} he saw it all and he just left her there to die... {she started screaming}HE LET HER DIE! SURE SHE RUINED MY LIFE BUT THAT DOESNT MEAN HE SHOULD HAVE JUST LEFT HER THERE!{she callopsed again into my arms and started to sob uncontrolibly. i didnt know what to do... she was right...that was a lot of shit...}[what a sucky liiiifee!! haha soryy taylor:p]**joe**JOES POV. next thing i knew i was getting pulled into the bushes. i was pulled down onto the floor and a foot was placed on my chest... i looked up slowly to see a gun pointed down at me. i gulped. there stood, finger poised on the trigger... the crazy man himself... andrew...[ahh!! is he gonna kill joe?! or WORSE! will joe kill him?!]im a post taggbebj TONIGHT... IF i get lyk 20 comments on thiss... (if u wnt mee too post dta tonight instead just tell meee:) )nnd if u guys havnt noticed yet i dont post until i get lyk 15+ comments jsut so ik ppl read it.. if you guys put up lyk 20 comments in ylk 2 minutes i wuld happily post evry 2 minutes but if i dont get tht thn i wont:) tht simplee hhah or lyk usually its lyk 12+ hahOMFG!! WATCH THIS VIDEOO!! its a GARBO interview!! AHHH!!!! yay garbo! lmaoo RIZZO I LOVE YOUXD

SuperFan of Simple Plan and Tokio Hotel

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SuperFan of Simple Plan and Tokio Hotelwww.myspace.com/creatckmusik


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well heres the intro anyways there will be more charectors later and ive allready got people for them so dont ask to be one well heres the description and a sneak peek at chapter 1 oh and tere mite be two parts of the intro cuz the descriptions are rlly long ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ mistilynn(punkprincess941)-misti for short hair:dirty blonde, a little bit darker than emily osment, the same haircut as demi lovato excpet my bangs put my eyes in shadow like emo hair but not that long haha, and i didnt get it cut like that, i did cuz my friends said id look better with my bangs like that haha eyes:blue or gray fave activities:reading, writing, singing, hanging out with friends, learning the guitar and drums dreams:be a famous singer and my sister says im a good actress, so maybe something will come from that :]]] lol fave jonas:nick age:16 im really shy, sensitive, creative she think haha, sometimes people tell me im funny fave band and song currently:fave band right now is jonas brothers, but right now her fave song is dear hannah-metrostation, broken wings-flyleaf, or cant have you or sorry-jonas brothers, lol, or hot 'n' cold-katy perry fave kinda music:shes soo into rock like the song ready set go by tokio hotel and she think bill from tokio hotel is hot lol fave color: blue and black fave word:crapple, snapple, popple sometime all together like oh snapple crapple popple, lol. umm she like almost anything with skulls on it or like random colors all over the place, basically her style is punk/emo dude and shes like in loooove with convers!!! oh my god there the best thing that happened to this world beside the jonas brothers lol, oh yeah and shes a strong christian she mean like she pray before sleeping sometimes and she secretly pray before eating by myself sometimes too :]]] she think it would make even better to be with one of jb lol and she never cuss if she can help it but sometimes she let it slip, which is like never ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ lexi(sheblygirl1)-lex for short hair:long dark brown hair that always is in a poney tail braid or down hairstyle:ringlets age:19 eyes:long lashes dark choclet eyes activities:soccer,musicals,singing,reading,music,trombone,guitar, clubs:camp bravo,camp bravo gold,cheerleading,golf,reading,art,fccla(family comunnity care leaders of america or somthin like that) personality:shy around strangers,funny,loud,random,hyper, style:prepp computer geek ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ anne(xxloudmouthxx)-description:i am a singer from out of town and i lov to write my opwn songs and rock out to anything:) hair:black streight eyes:blue *misti,lexi and anne were at a concert to win back stage passes and meet and greet passes and concert tickets front row seats misti and lexi sing anne is watching* (a/n you diddnt think i was gonna start chapt one did ya nope im givin a sneak peak* (in chapter one:suspence cliffies anger randomness funy trips slips and falls duests and excitment) *~*~*~*~*~*~*so i hoped you like the intro because im startin chapt one later bye~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

Hotel Room Wrestling

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My buddy decided to wrestle his pillow. Best part is when he slips across the bed, face first into the wall. Also watch him turn on the lamp with his foot....


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Tags: america  band  canada  cap  funny  ha  haha  kevyn  lol  ouch  owned  prank  sander  shower  spoof  squamish  stupid  suffocate  trip 

My friend being stupid with a shower cap at a hotel

Best of Tokio Hotel II WIP

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Tags: best  bill  friends  funny  georg  gustav  hotel  kaulitz  listing  of  schafer  stripper  tequila  th  tila  tokio  tom  twins 

Best of Tokio Hotel II WIPstill in progress shall I finish it or not??

Tokio Hotel feat. Harry Potter!

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Tags: bored  funny  harry  hotel  potter  random  shit  tokio 

I was very, very, very, very, very, very...I think you get the point...bored. XD

Please Be Mine - Jonas Brothers Love ch 27

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The car ride was extremely awkward. Jasimine kept her gaze on the road for the majority of the trip, as Olivia shifted uncomfortably in the passenger’s seat, waiting for her to talk. They came to a red light and Olivia seized the opportunity to get some answers.Olivia: Sooo. What’s up?Jasimine took a deep breath in, and pulled her sunglasses on top of her head.Jasimine: If I tell you something, do you promise not to say anything to Carlie? Not yet, at least?Olivia: Sure Jaz, I promise. What happened?Jasimine: …Well my mother…got a …promotion…Olivia: (confused) Uh, that would make me really mad too …?Jasimine: (sighing, tears are starting to form again) No…no. You don’t understand. We’re-…Olivia: (softly) Yeah?Jasimine: Her new job position is in Chicago, we’re leaving in a few days.Olivia’s mouth dropped. Obviously she heard wrong, Chicago? Not possible.Olivia: Are you kidding?Jasimine: (shaking her head) I wish I were, Liv. We’re moving, all five of us. Mom, Dad, Carlie, Leah and me, heading off to the other side of the country.Olivia: B-but, you CAN’T. You just can’t! I mean, I’m leaving, but I’m coming back. I was gonna v-visit! Now w-what am I gonna do?Jasimine: I’m sorry. I really am. I argued and argued with my parents this morning, but their mind is made up. We’re leaving, for good.Olivia couldn’t get the point across her mind; her best friend & her second family were going away, forever. Jasimine silently drove the rest of the way to the Jonas’ hotel; she couldn’t get over it either.They arrived, and took the elevator up to the right floor, found the room & knocked. Nick answered the door happily.Nick: Hey! What’s going on people?Olivia: (sadly) Nothing much, just losing my best friends.Nick: Huh?Olivia then collapsed in his arms, crying. She couldn’t handle it, not seeing Nick for a whole year AND not seeing Carlie or Jasimine for a while.Nick did the best he could to comfort her, hugging her tightly, rocking back and forth. He wiped her tears away with his thumb, and she pulled away at last.Olivia: (chest heaving unevenly) J-jasimine and C-carlie are moving. To Chicago…f-forever…Tears started to roll down Jasimine’s cheeks as well.Jasimine: It’s true. We’re leaving in a few days. Carlie doesn’t know yet, don’t say anything to her.Nick: (sincerely) I’m sorry. But you should probably tell Kevin and Joe, they’ll want to hear this.Just then Joe rolled into the room.Joe: Want to hear what? Kev, come on.Kevin followed Joe into the room, and they both held expressions of curiosity on their faces.Jasimine looked at Nick & Olivia cautiously, they nodded sadly. She turned to face Kevin & Joe, taking in a deep, quivering breath.Jasimine: I’m moving…we’re moving…me & Carlie…leaving…Kevin: To where?Jasimine: (her voice sounded far away) ……Chicago……Kevin: (after a few seconds of silence) Okay, okay. We can still make this work, right? Sure, we’d see a little less of each other, but we always play shows in Chicago when we’re on tour. We could see each other then! And we could visit you guys whenever we have off, and-Jasimine: (cutting him off & speaking softly) Do you really mean that?Kevin: (pulling her into a hug) You know I do.Olivia then got a text from Carlie, she read “Hey! Skate park was closed, outside the hotel. Be up in a sec!”Olivia: Guys, Carlie’s on her way up here.Joe: I think telling her would be best guys.In no less than two seconds, the group heard a knock on the door & let Carlie in. She was dressed in her skate attire, pads on her knees and elbows, her hair in a messy ponytail.Carlie: (smiling) Hey guys.She walked over to Joe and kissed him quickly, then turned to the rest of the group.Carlie: (nervously) Is everything okay? You’re all looking at me funny.Jasimine: We have to tell you something.She grabbed Carlie’s & Olivia’s hands, and then dragged them into the bedroom, leaving the boys alone.Nick: Are you guys okay with this?Kevin: (shrugging) When you think about it, it makes no difference. I mean, of course I’d rather have them here in California, because we have a house here. But after a few months, we’re gonna be on tour & wouldn’t have all the time in the world to spend with them either. And I know I’M gonna be making plenty of stops in Chicago as long as my girl’s there.Joe: (nodding) Exactly, we’ll still see them. I mean, it’s not like our girlfriends are leaving the COUNTRY lik-Nick: (irritated) OKAY, I get it!The three girls then came out of the bedroom, Carlie & Olivia crying, but Jasimine just looking sad. The Jonas’ went to comfort their girlfriends, as the group prepared to have there last few days together.Awe, Jasimine and Carlie are leaving! Will they keep in touch?Find Out in Please Be Mine - Jonas Brothers Love ch 28

hotel room fight

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Tags: bashed  beat  bum  comedy  dose  falconed  Fighting  fucked  funny  hit  hobo  hotel  owned  room  shit  smashed  triple  up 

i was in my hotel room and the manager (some hobo) came in and punched my camera several times and my face aswell.


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Tags: doppiaggio  hotel  internazionale  kaulitz  musica  parody  rock  tokio  tom 

E' solo uno scherzo :PNon so se è divertente o no, ma mi piaceva lo sketch volevo fare qualcosa di spiritoso. Certi punti sono scritti in inglese ma tanto si capiscono.I think the vid is more funny for italians anyway I tried to translate it in english too.Sorry for the mistakes but i'm italian.Credo che sia piu' divertente per gli italiani che per gli stranieri cmq ho cercato di tradurlo anche in inglese. Riconoscimenti per questo video (9)#31 - Most Discussed (Today)#7 - Most Discussed (Today) - Musica#76 - Most Viewed (Today) - Musica#19 - Top Favorites (Today)#3 - Top Favorites (Today) - Musica#19 - Top Rated (Today)#96 - Top Rated (Today) - Musica - Globale#2 - Top Rated (Today) - Musica#27 - Top Rated (This Week) - MusicaTHANKS

Seper Sexy Life of TOKIO HOTEL

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Tags: funny  hotel  life  sexy  tokio 


Ironic Ass Slap.

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Tags: Ass  Canaria  Chris  Emily  Funny  Gran  Hotel  Irony  Jonjo  Josh  Mike  Olivia  Polly  Sara  Slap 

Josh in Olives dressy thing. Jonjo Oiling himself. Good clean wholesome fun. Gran Canaria July 08

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