Fingerboard + N-series

  • Length: 0:27
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  • Author: OnMyShOeS

Tags: b.  blackriver  deck  fingerboard  funny  how  martin  mikeschneider  nokia  nollie  Nserie  ramps  ryan  sheckler  skateboard  tech  to 

Fingerboard + my nokia N-serie = cooool mini

Re: Cleanest Kickflip Challenge

  • Length: 0:16
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  • Views: 41
  • Author: predator7863

Tags: berlinwood  blackriver  challenge  clean  herzog  jay  kickflip  kura  nic  prete 

Clean or What? KickflipRead:Sorry for the backround music when i slow moed it it sounded funny!!! lolWatch in High Quality

A day - 29 06 08

  • Length: 0:51
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  • Author: Fingerskejter

Tags: Blackriver  Close  Danilio2020  Fingerboard  Fun  Funny  Hockey  Kickflip  Mike  Mini  Ramp  Scheneider  Skateboard  Up  Weakfingers 

Watch in high Quality!The music sucks.. winkler "dos" mini, oohh.

Me Ramp Im Getting After Me Birthday

  • Length: 0:29
  • Rating: 3.00 (2 ratings)
  • Views: 869
  • Author: carlraw

Tags: Animation  Anime  animoto  black  carl  deck  Documentary  Experimental  Film  Filmmaker  funny  Interview  Manga  park  ramp  ramps  raw  Reel  river  Short  sk8  skate  tech  Trailer  Tutorial 

the beast ramp by that im gettin :D aint it good

Mitt fingerboard review

  • Length: 5:34
  • Rating: 4.50 (2 ratings)
  • Views: 101
  • Author: skateplanb7

Tags: black  deck  decking  fingerboard  fingerboarding  fingerboards  mitt  mitts  rip  river  tape  tech 

with some funny stuff, well to me!mittskateboards.comgo buy one!!

Black River Unboxing

  • Length: 5:57
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  • Author: DarkAddiction13

Tags: Black  Blackriver  Deck  Fingerboarding  Funny  River  Sex  Tech  Techdeck 

I see that alot of people film then opening there black river so i decided toThings bought=Bonsia Concrete LedgeIron RailEuro Gap Stair ComboWinkler Dos MiniRiptapeBerlinWood normaland i got a table for free

Garage Fingerboard Mini

  • Length: 1:10
  • Rating: 5.00 (2 ratings)
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  • Author: skaterdean0

Tags: best  black  brr  cool  coolio  fingerboading  frostyfb  funny  ramps  river  skate  vid 

A mini me and trevor made in his garage.

my friend

  • Length: 0:5
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  • Author: UnrealFingerboards

Tags: amazing  big  blackriver  fart  fingerboard  funny  how  martin  mike  mini  ramps  schneider  to  trick  unrealfingerboards  winkler 

yeah, it was real.

kinda funny fingerboard

  • Length: 3:35
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  • Author: UnrealFingerboards

Tags: blackriver  fingerboard  high  how  martin  mike  mini  ollie  schneider  to  unrealfingerboards  winkler  wooden 

yeah, not selling


  • Length: 1:31
  • Rating: 4.67 (15 ratings)
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  • Author: manuoberle

Tags: black  brr  deck  flatface  manu  mike  oberle  river  schneider  td  tech  winkler 

just some stuff i filmed quickly. kinda funny^^


  • Length: 1:12
  • Rating: 5.00 (3 ratings)
  • Views: 169
  • Author: TheKingofHalo

Tags: berlinwood  blackriver  brr  deck  fapwood  fb  ffi  fingerboard  fingerboarding  funny  holywood  jelly  skate  skateboard  tech 


Jared and Jeff

  • Length: 0:13
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  • Author: Slivanie

Tags: 2007  and  D.C.  Funny  Jared  Jeff  Tour  Washington  Youth 

This is a video of our advisors from the Missouri Youth Tour (sponsored by Black River Electric)2007. They were "pretending" to be gay, really we questioned their sexuality. (Just joking, you guys rock).

Fingerboard black

  • Length: 0:31
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  • Views: 82
  • Author: bachirtyok

Tags: bam  black  blackriver  finger  fingerboard  funny  gangsta  hiphop  margera  obama  riptape  simpson  skate  skateboard  techdeck  usa 

My fingerboard

Riptape Review

  • Length: 4:4
  • Rating: 3.14 (7 ratings)
  • Views: 185
  • Author: almostskater111

Tags: am  are  awesome  ffi  finga  finger  fingerboard  flip  funny  haha  inc  killaz  mini  review  riptape  sick  skateboard  stupid  you

WARNING!!!! Only watch when bored!

  • Length: 1:59
  • Rating: 4.50 (16 ratings)
  • Views: 2041' favoriteCount='5
  • Author: DontKillFingers

Tags: bbr  berlinwood  blackriver-ramps  bored  dos  fingerboard  fingerboarding  funny  HALLO  I'M  review  scarred  wheels  winkler 

I was really bored!!!

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