Cwalk - Blown Away Akon

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  • Author: rikashey214

Tags: Best  Cortez  Crip  Cwalk 

well this is my vid i havent walked in a while so i suck right now but hey thats how evryone started right the folowing does not take apart of the vidglobal c-walkers, kevjumba, nigahiga, horse, dog, free run, break dance moves, you got served, funny rants, gosu c-walk, london 5 way c-walk, kyren and gosu c-walk, kanye west, funny, commedy, rejected cartoons, sims 2 funny stuff, youtube hacker, runescape hacker, back yard, school fights, naruto c-walk, garaa c-walk, sasuke c-walk, c-walk in public,nigahiga, kevjumba, dmag, happy slip, funny crap, sims 2 nude people, im angry, summer hjeights high, cool people, the c-walk, global walkers,funny, mad asc-walk c-walk onechance stomp the yard, yougot served, sims2 porn, boobs, nipple slips, big juicy asses, tennis, basketball, streetball, nfl, afl, nrl, football, golf, pool table, snooker, korean movies


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  • Author: JimmisAngel

Tags: funny  mad  rake 

haha toyboy the mad cunt

Firework in the bum crack

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  • Author: skyesbrother

Tags: funny  mad  ouch  silly 

ouch !!!


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  • Author: SquirtyCurt

Tags: curtis  farm  funny  hoody  jakk  mad  nuts  rain  senghendd  SquirtCurt  wales  weat  weather 

Cominggg from senghenydd festival and we brought our best pets!haahnah jokee!yee coming over mountain going home!and we we walking in a weat farm!:)hopee you enjoy!

Break dancing dog. Mental but funny

  • Length: 1:51
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  • Author: stumarsha

Tags: break  breakdance  dance  Dancing  dog  funny  mad 

This is our dog trying out hs break dancing skills on his humans trampoline so as not to hurt himself. I think he's coming on a treat, he'll soon be a pro :)

Leon jumps through a wall at work

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  • Author: stumarsha

Tags: funny  jump  Leon  mad  Port  Porty  wall 

My looney Cousin Leon jumps through a wall at work just for a laugh!!

Ginge Kerry rides into river Tees on a bike!!

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  • Author: stumarsha

Tags: Bike  funny  Ginge  Kerry  mad  Port  Porty  Ride  River  Tees 

My looney Cousin takes a ride on his bike straight into the river Tees and gets let off with a £10 debt for his troubles lol.

The Bright Light Remake

  • Length: 1:9
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  • Views: 210
  • Author: AnthemBall

Tags: AnthemBall  bright  crazy  funny  haha  light  lmao  lol  mad  spoof  video  youtube 

A remake of the bright light video, I really wanted to make this light bright so I increased the brightness by 3 times! Hope you like it, because it took me ages to edit!

What Do You Want?

  • Length: 1:21
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  • Author: AnthemBall

Tags: AnthemBall  crazy  funny  hehe  idea  like  mad  video  what  would  you 

Ok Pretty straightforward watch the video and post a video response or comment.

Tricked into Having Salvia for 1st time.(READ INFORMATION AND LISTEN VERY CAREFULLY)

  • Length: 5:49
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  • Author: JakeC08

Tags: 100x  10x  110x  120x  15x  20x  30x  40x  50x  5x  60x  70x  80x  90x  bad  bong  bucket  cactus  complaints  conditions  control  crazy  devil  dimension  divine  divinorum  doctor  dope  draw  drugs  evil  extract  flipping  food  funny  gp  hallucinatory  hallucinogen  hardcore  illegal  illnesses  legal  lol  mad  medical  over  pipe  plant  power  powerful  rolling  sage  salvia  scary  score  shit  sick  smoke  smoker  spinning  strong  stuff  substance  supplement  taken  tricked  trip  trippy  weed  weird  world 

PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, RATE AND COMMENT!!!My next door mate text me and said can i go round and try this new weed he got bacause he thought it was not very good, i went round and tried it but bear in mind that i never had any trip before in my life not even off mushroom's because i never had them and i also never even heard of salvia Divinorum before well i have but meaning something to do with the salvia divinorum plant but hey, anyway he told me to keep sucking and i did like a fucking trooper not knowing what was heading my way from another dimension lol like OMG i was so pissed at him to start with.but why i was tripping i was grabbing hold of him wanting him to help me lmao lol rate funny though and it was only 20x.I WAS DEFINITELY FLIPPING BAD TRIPPING BAD HERE LOL.LIKE CARTWHEELING SIDEWAYSIt was like i was in another dimension and everything was folding in including the room and the house and lot and it was spinning round.THIS IS WHAT IT SAYS ON THE PACKET.Salvia Divinorum.Salvia Extract. Alternative to illegal harmful substance.This is a food supplement and is not intended to treat medical complaints or illnesses.If you have any existing medical conditions, check with your local GP before use.The 'divine sage' is well known for its strong hallucinatory effects and should not be taken lightly.PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, RATE AND COMMENT!!!

Mad Tv- U wont hire me cuz i'm black [SUB ITA]

  • Length: 5:16
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  • Author: shinzante2

Tags: black  divertente  funny  hire  ita  mad  tv  wont 

Mad tv sketch

~J-ROD'S~ LETS PLAY! Castlevania Part 4

  • Length: 9:42
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  • Author: Instantreactions

Tags: advertisi  anger  bad  Castlevania  com  commercia  first  funny  game  gamer  great  lets  mad  music  play  through  walk  ~J-ROD'S~ 

I cant belive i messed this one up as bad as i did, 1 boss per video has gone out the window :(

Pissed off cat freaks out

  • Length: 0:59
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  • Views: 26
  • Author: JokaCard

Tags: cat  flip  freak  funny  mad  mo  motion  off  out  pissed  slow 

This Cat was PISSED and wasn't going to take anymore shit.

~J-ROD'S~ LETS PLAY Castlevania Part 3

  • Length: 9:9
  • Rating: ( ratings)
  • Views: 8
  • Author: Instantreactions

Tags: anger  bad  Castlevania  com  commercia  first  funny  game  gamer  great  lets  mad  music  play  through  walk  ~J-ROD'S~ 

On to lvl 3! Did i mention i HATE medusa heads? Oh and this boss proves, when in need spam your whip! LOL Epic killing of the mummy boss! More soon i promise :)

~J-ROD'S~ LETS PLAY Castlevania Part 2

  • Length: 9:3
  • Rating: ( ratings)
  • Views: 5
  • Author: Instantreactions

Tags: advertising  anger  bad  Castlevania  com  commercia  first  funny  game  gamer  great  lets  mad  music  play  through  walk  ~J-ROD'S~ 

Im back after a short break, on to lvl 2 and the boss!

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